The Festival of Lights and Winter Fair is a celebration on which PYP and MYP students commemorate the end of the year by preparing lively performances and  organising arts and crafts for sale to raise money for the charity that the school chooses to support.  

This year our fundraising effort is directed toward two purposes: Lebanon and Gunnersbury Park.

In its fifth year, the Festival of Lights is one of the highlights of the ISL Calendar where students demonstrate their talents and all the hard work and commitment to this cause as part of their service-learning programme and unit’s studies. The Design, Visual and Performing Arts Departments are working hand in hand to bring to life a truly unique whole school event and we want to thank everyone involved in making this event successful.  

This year is like no other year and the pandemic has been shaping online’s theatre future. In the past few months, theatre and the arts have offered us solace, comfort, provoked us and entertained us while we sat, at home, in our sofas. It was not always live. In fact, it mostly wasn’t. It was a dramatised video call, an interactive zoom play or a monologue about lockdown. The National Theatre At Home was one of the greatest online success on the lockdown. But if it showed us one thing, it is that the live experience is irreplaceable. These plays were not meant to be shown online but to be experienced live. Theatre is not cinema. Today the virtual substitute will continue to serve its purpose as we continue to sit in front of our screens rather than making our way back to our ISL main hall. But we are hopeful than sooner than later we will be inviting you to join us for a live show.

2019 Festival of Lights & Winter Fair highlights