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At ISL, we believe that education is not a rehearsal and strive to create authentic and meaningful opportunities for students to apply their learning in sustainable, positive, inclusive and impactful ways. Students are empowered to lead initiatives that bring their learning into our local and global communities through outreach, service, sustainable inquiry, design and positive social impact. 

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ISL is committed to supporting organisations that align with our mission. Our GLOBE Committee, comprised of ISL staff, students and parents, agrees to financially support an identified organisation using allocated funds raised throughout the year. In addition to financial contributions, ISL is involved in a variety of local and global outreach initiatives. Through our Service as Action program, community projects, CAS program, curriculum and student initiatives, ISL is involved in more than 25 partnerships.                                                                

Finally, we understand the importance of expecting the unexpected and as such, 10% of our annual funds raised is reserved as a Disaster Relief Fund. Recently, we have supported the Australian Bush Fires appeal, and the earthquake and tsunami relief in Indonesia. 


After the devastating explosion in Beirut, ISL has turned its attention to supporting over 80,000 students whose education has been affected by the loss of 167 schools. Our commitment to bringing the ‘Digital Divide’ is realized through the partnership with Albedo, a creative art platform in Beirut that is working to provide digital devices to students to enable the continuation of their education. 

We are also excited about developing our local partnership with Gunnersbury Park. There are many initiatives in the pipeline, such as braille and multi-lingual signage to enhance the inclusiveness of the park.  

Please click on each project below to find out more and thank you very much for your continuous support! 

Please click on each project below to find out more and thank you very much for your continuous support!

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