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PYP Celebration of the Arts  

"A Celebration of Summer"

The PYP Celebration of the Arts is an opportunity to come together with friends to share the wonderful adventures of our children in the Arts at ISL.

For a second year, the PYP Celebration of the Arts comes to you online.  The children and staff have risen to the challenge to share with you stories here in school and out at Gunnersbury Park.

Sharing stories is such an important part of our lives and our mission at ISL.  More than maybe anywhere in the UK educational system, we have the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our community. 


We are especially fortunate to have an internationally recognised Language Programme.  This term, our Language teachers have come together with homeroom teachers, the Arts and Forest School departments to share a deeper understanding of a multi-cultural heritage that enriches our lives at ISL.  Students have been ambassadors for their home languages and been proud to lead class activities. 


In these times, our uniting theme has been one of "celebration" - and how we all celebrate, particularly in the summer.  It is a reminder of good times past, those we enjoy now with friends and family and an anticipation of those to come.  Thanks must go to the staff, so generous with their time, and children who have had such fun putting this celebration together.  Please explore all the different cultural experiences on offer - and enjoy!

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