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PYP Festival of Lights 2019/20 -
“In Gunnersbury Park”

Gunnersbury Park plays a significant part in the school lives of our Primary children, even more so in these times where the importance of access to open air is particularly cherished. The park, however, is so much more than just somewhere to run around. It is a classroom without walls, where our children explore and appreciate nature and develop their understanding of sustainability and our place in the world. It is a place where we can wonder, imagine or just be still. We appreciate every day the rich benefit that the park brings to our lives. Our PYP Festival of Lights is, in its small way, a thank you to the park from our children.  

Please take the opportunity to listen to and watch the music and drama presented by our PYP and to find out how you can help with ISL’s GLOBE initiative elsewhere on the website if you have not done so already.

But now we invite you on a journey.  Follow the path through the webpage to visit our classes in order. 


Welcome to Gunnersbury Park.  Welcome to our Festival of Lights 

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Welcome to Gunnersbury Park - a place to enjoy whatever the weather

Relationships shape Music.  By singing songs, we explore changes in pitch, tempo  and dynamics

Grade 3

More than just a park - a cafe, a theatre, a place to imagine

We find music in unexpected places.  Exploring the music of Hungary through Brahms' Hungarian Dances and the traditional New Year song Adjon Isten

Early Childhood

Where we can be what or whoever we want to be 

We learn and fire our imagination by creating and sharing stories - in this case, bears in winter.

Grade 1

A place for nature, by day and night

We have been thinking about how we capture and organize sounds.  We explore different sounds, types of soundmakers and languages to show what the park would be like at night.

GP IMAGE 3.png

Grade 2

The park as a home to others

We respect and wonder at other creatures and their habitats.  By writing, following and remembering tunes we preserve this idea through music.

Grade 4

The Park as a place where we experiment with the new 

Music is a way to challenge and break with traditional ways for the better

Grade 5

Our past and our present

Where we think about changing out world for the better through poetry, words and music.  Antonin Dvorak left his native country to find new music and new opportunities in a far away land.  We use his music here as to express what connects us to our past and what we want to change in our present world.


Thank you to...

...the children for all their enthusiasm and energy helping to put together our Festival of Lights

...the homeroom teachers and TAs for all their enthusiasm and energy helping to put together our Festival of Lights

...Miss Anna and Mr Jason for their support in Forest School

...our language coaches: Miss Tamako (Japanese) and Mr Toth (Hungarian)

...our photographers from G3 - George and Loulwa (see Grade 1)

...Miss Iliana for her support throughout


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