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Acton Homeless Concern

Acton Homeless Concern is a local charity with two drop-in day centres providing help, advice and support not only for the homeless but also for anyone in need. ISL has a long-established relationship with the centre that is at the heart of our community. Our Language Department leads the way each year to collect winter clothing - jumpers, trousers, socks, shoes, jackets - and blankets.


How you can help?  Please pass on your pre-loved or new winter clothes (jumpers, trousers, shoes, socks, blankets) to bring some light and warmth into the lives of those in need. 

At present, Acton Homeless Concern is  especially in need of male clothes.

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1 - send us your pre-owned clothes. Please kindly send only clean clothes.

2 - donate large plastic containers for safe and dry storage until delivery

3 - purchase, by donation, the figurative 'MT sock' from our e-Market. All profits from such donations will be used to purchase warm clothes and blankets to donate to Acton Homeless Concern. 

Inclusive Gunnersbury

Students in the Grade 8 and Grade 9 Communication classes have been studying the importance of inclusion and what that looks like in their own communities. They are creating historical narratives that engage patrons of Gunnersbury Park – together, we are looking at the interesting historical significance that Gunnersbury Park holds, and sharing it across languages with the many local and global visitors.

Translating signage is also part of creating an inclusive space where all people feel welcome and can enjoy exploring the park. 

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